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Welcome to my Games page

This Page present the game I like and I play. Of course, I like many games. But the one here are those that I like best or where I am a good player at. To be more precise I love game that are between two players, without any random or hiden information. The only exception to this is Diplomacy, but I don't play it very well.

Games I dare to talk about

I have been playing for more than 10 year the game Jeux de Dames, I am not a good player anymore, but I should beat any average player. Somehow the patern of that game are install into my brain

Every five years since ten year there is a belgian championship of Abalone. I ended first ten year ago, but since I always end second.

I have no much to say about the game of Diplomacy but it is a great game that raise interesting challenge if you want to program a computer version of it.

GIPF is one of those few games I don't play anymore because you have too many expert that play this game. Some peaple play gipf every week and they do competition. I have no chance against those guy, it is not fun if you know it is not possible to win or the investment to be the winner is too high.

There is a game for wich there was not expert yet, it is the game of Boku. And because there was no expert I succeded to become the World Champion. I don't know if I will be able to keep that title for longer than one year. But obviously I was ahead of the other player that special week.

Gigamic is a game company that make superbe games in wood. One of them is Zenix and I made a computer version of this game using Zillions-of-Games. There was a small championship on that game in Belgium and I became champion.

Plenty of other games

I have a huge collection of games. Most of them have been win during competition. I would love to talk about them but I lack the time. I don't even have a list of them, but here are a few:


I have found other way to play those games

I have discovered Zillions-of-Games of Games you really should pay the price for this game. It is too bad this is not for free, otherwise it would be the MAME of reflexion game. The rules of most of those games could be translate for Zillions to play those, but I cannot guarrantee that Zillions is gonna play them well.

Yet another way to play games

Not so recently I have been told about Richard's PBeM, Play by E-mail server. It is a bit strange that I did not discover it before, and that it took me one year to try. But now I am extensively using it to play some Zertz game. I also started to install a copy of Richard's code on a local server in order to try it. And then I started to write my own games for Richard's server. Currently I have Zenix and HexaFive. Unfortunatly It is not available yet on Richard's server.

Playing at home

Recently a new magazine talking about abstract game started to be publish. The name is Abstract Games. You can discover a lot of new and old games. From abstract game adict to abstact game lovers, this is one of the only magazine devoted to the subject that is not focusing on the Artificial Inteligence and computer game side of it.

Playing at home

I have also found someone to play with at home, she learn fast and play well. She even dare to win againts me. I am affraid to bring her with me at competition because she could win (and she already did).

Research and development in games

Since I have found Zillions-of-Games, my interest for games on computer has been enhanced. I am now reading as much as I can about latest development in alpha-beta and other search algorithme. I also found very interesting all the research on Meta-Game and in particular what Barney Pell as done.

I am also trying to build a meta-game playing system, this will take a long time since I have to find a description language, a way to build an evaluation function, provide a user interface and most important make the playing engine. If anybody is interested in participating to my effort, please contact me.

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