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Cisco Password Decryption
Automated guided tour
Web Design
Random Link
Serial Sniffer
Link to Friend's Home Page
Gnutella protocol
I am using HTP, an HTML pre-procesor
My Linux GSM
History of my email


Page about various things

This Page present various subject that I wanted to develop. Because those subject have nothing in common, I felt like this is a good place to put them together.

You can go to one of those pages

StarTrek : Why I like StarTrek.
Web Design : Old discution about previous layout of my page.
Cisco Password Decryption : A java applet that decrypt cisco password.
Portable Network Graphic : This is a 'paper' in french that compare PNG to GIF and JPEG.
Automated Guided Tour : A java applet that display all the page I have in my web site. (currently broken because of frame from freeservers.com)
Random Link : An 'interactif' web page that get you 'randomly' to anywhere within my web site.
Serial Sniffer : I have search and found way to analyse ASYNC serial communication between PC and gadget.
Friend : Link to home page of my friends, real and virtual.
Gnutella : Some research and proposition I have made concearning Gnutella.
HTP : Description of the tool I use for generating page from my web site.
My Linux GSM : Picture of my Linux GSM and logo to do it yourself.

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